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Kepeli – Integration through bodily and game related methods project (2016-18) aims at compiling existing and developing new exercises to support the integration of immigrants. They are targeted in particular to groups of immigrants, whose Finnish language skills aren’t very strong and who are in the early stages of their integration process.

The exercises make use of bodily and game related methods in an inspiring and an effective way. Their aim is to strengthen e.g. Finnish language skills, knowledge about the surrounding society, group working skills as well as self-knowledge of the participants. As part of the project also material to support the self assessment linked with some general learning aims is developed. Guidelines, video tutorials and material packages are prepared for professionals to support the use of the Kepeli exercises.ft


During the project Collaboration Forums are arranged with authorities and immigrant associations in order to strengthen the collaboration to support immigrants’ early stages of integration. One example of a chosen target for development is the information session arranged for immigrants, who have recently moved to a new municipality. In conjunction with local and regional trainings the activating group facilitation skills of professionals working with immigrant groups are strengthened. The trainings are targeted to immigrant associations in particular.

Some of the Kepeli exercises can be applied when linking immigrant groups with the main population. An encountering model is developed to facilitate the use of the Kepeli exercises when two student groups meet, an immigrant group studying Finnish and a group from a University of Applied Sciences. In the encountering model both parties are expected to learn something that benefits them.

Kepeli project is co-ordinated by the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences, the partners being African Care, Pro-tukipiste and Kisakeskus. Other collaboation partners include e.g. Hilma – The Support Centre for Immigrant Persons with Disabilities, Miehen Linja, Kalliola Settlement, Municipalities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, Axxell, Finnish Refugee Council and Moniheli. The project is funded by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).




Contact information/ Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences:

Project Co-ordinator
Mai Salmenkangas
mai.salmenkangas(at), tel. +358-40-3346927

Project Worker (Public Relations)
Elisa Mattila
elisa.mattila(at), tel. +358-40-7254955